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Google Chrome and the Downloads stack, part Two

30 September 2011

Dear friend,

I bet you know about my holy war against Google Chrome's behavior with the Downloads stack in the Dock. Tough topic indeed. The problem was that when Chrome finished downloading a file, the file bounced gaily in the Downloads stack but its icon did not update, so there was a blank icon that was bouncing, instead of the brand new PDF I downloaded, for instance. I came up with a solution involving a helper application and either an Automator folder action or a Hazel rule. The drawback was that the delay before the icon update was too long and ever-changing. Moreover, I even saw some downloads missed since I've written this. What I offer you today is a much better fix instead of the former three-legged solution.

The solution.
The solution.

I wrote a Cocoa application to completely automate the process. What you have to do is :

  • If you used to have the former fix, remove it (remove the application, plus the folder action or the Hazel rule).
  • Download the Chrome Downloads stack fix (Mac OS X 10.5+).
  • Open the DMG you just downloaded.
  • Drag the included application to the folder you want (usually /Applications).
  • Open the application you just dragged.
  • Check Launch at login (see figure 1).
  • Close the window.
  • Download any file and see what happens (optional).

The application will be launched every time you login and should work with minimal delay. It won't show any user interface until you explicitly launch it. If you want to uninstall it, simply open the application and follow instructions.

How classy is that !

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Hubert Sainte-Force