À la bonne Sainte-Force




9 October 2012

Dear friend,

This one is something I wanted to do a long time ago… If you remember NeXTSTEP (or, like me, trust old nostalgics), you know what the Shelf is. In the simplest version, it is a little bar in the file manager where you can drop files or folders. They just stay there for your enjoyment, waiting for you to click them or move them elsewhere. OS X's Finder toolbar also supports dropping files into it, but it isn't a proper Shelf replacement, because you miss the ability to drag and drop those toolbar icons as if they were the actual files. Thanks to the Sainte-Force, I converted the energy dissipated by equivocally interesting conference stuff into a tweak that allows you to use that Finder toolbar (I finally found a reason not to use this anymore) as a proper Shelf replacement. It's high time !

To be able to use your brand new Shelf, download EasySIMBL and activate SIMBL from there. Then, download the following file, and open it with EasySIMBL. Finally, just restart the Finder and let the magic happen.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Hubert Sainte-Force