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Porkcuts 1.1

26 September 2012

Dear friend,

Hallelujah, Sainte-Force people ! Rejoice, rejoice, because Porkcuts now goes to 1.1 ! If you want a little refresher about what is Porkcuts, read this, or just assume that Porkcuts is the most useful utility in the world, and that it allows you to define custom shortcuts depending on the current document and where it belongs. So, yes, this Porkcuts has now been made better. But how ?

The original Porkcuts was only looking for the window that was focused on your screen, like a dumb porc-shark that it is. If that window was associated with a document, then it would show the Porkcuts menu, as usual. However, sometimes the frontmost window is some auxiliary window that isn't associated with any document, though the window just behind is the document you're currently working with, and that auxiliary window is just something you need for a moment but that relates to your document (eg. a Find window). When you invoke Porkcuts with that kind of window, it doesn't find any document associated to it, and just offers you what I call the fallback Porkcuts (the ones that you can use when nothing else works).

In my daily use of Porkcuts, I found that the idea of a fallback Porkcuts file wasn't very practical, and that Porkcuts could be more useful if it were a little more intelligent when dealing with auxiliary windows. Basically, I removed the whole fallback thing and made Porkcuts a little smarter (and slower, but you won't notice it). It now uses the frontmost window associated with a document, even if other windows are above. And it places the menu next to the window, instead of the bottom left corner of the screen. Time will tell if this is a feature or a bug.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Hubert Sainte-Force