À la bonne Sainte-Force




6 October 2012

Dear friend,

Vitrier allows you to move and resize your windows using multitouch gestures.

First, see what I mean and download Vitrier. You just put it somewhere, maybe set it to launch hidden at login, and run it. It may work on Snow Leopard but I can't tell.

To activate Vitrier, position your cursor over a window you'd like to move (or resize), put 4 of your greasy fingers on your multitouch trackpad, then remove two of them, then put them again on the trackpad, and finally remove them again. A transparent overlay appears and you can begin having fun.

When the overlay is active, move one finger to move the window, or move two fingers to resize the window. When two fingers are on the trackpad, they represent the bounds of the window: for instance, if you move the top-left finger, you will resize the window by the top-left corner. Just try and make sense of it.

When you're finished, click on the overlay or tap with three fingers. If you want to cancel everything, tap with four fingers.

I'm not sure whether this style of resizing gesture is Sainte-Force enough for us.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Hubert Sainte-Force