À la bonne Sainte-Force



Some letters in this site have presented home-tailored tools, usually Mac OS X applications. These Sainte-Force inspired creations emphasize simple, disruptive ideas that are embodied into unobstrusive solutions. Because they're lightweight and serve orthogonal concerns, these pieces can often coexist in the same environment and be combined into new ways of improving the personal computing experience.
But most of them are just random pieces of shit.

A very simple rich text editor with per-file password protection. It opens and saves AES256-encrypted files (though I give no security guarantee at all). Type, enter a password, save. To open, just remember the password you typed. I use it to keep my login information, and some nasty secrets.

A program running in the background, that enables folders to depend on other folders, dynamically inheriting their files and folders. It's the file system equivalent to prototype delegation in object-oriented programming.

A context-sensitive keyboard shortcut manager with scripting superpowers for super fast access to frequently used custom commands. It chooses the shortcuts depending on the file or folder you're working on and its parent folders.

A lightweight application for navigating between documents using links. Linking was the last thing mentioned in Bush's memex that wasn't implemented in major systems. This application makes links available at the desktop level.

A tin can is just a folder with the .tincan extension. It opens a particular file when it is double-clicked. This allows to bundle web sites, multifile projects, and to automate workflow setups. Tin cans are portable, shareable, and can degrade gracefully to simple folders. To use tin cans, just install the Tin Opener application somewhere.

A multiplexer is just a folder with the .multiplexer extension. It opens all the files is contains when it is double-clicked. Think of it as a way to avoid double-clicking on a lot of files. Over the years, it'll save your hand !

This application allows to easily explore local copies of web sites by allowing to double-click their enclosing folder to open the home page. If a folder has the extension .website, then double-clicking it will open a browser on the index.html file inside it.

Un petit Applescript qui enregistre très rapidement le document actuel sur le bureau en lui donnant un petit nom culinaire généré aléatoirement. À utiliser quand vous ne savez pas comment nommer vos fichiers, ni où les enregistrer, sur le moment.

A simple utility that just runs a script when launched, and runs another script when quitted. To use it, you just duplicate the application and customize it so that it fits your needs. It can be used to control any resource, eg. web servers.

Workcuts is a simple per-project keyboard shortcut and menu manager with Ruby scripting for fast access to your projects' most repeated tasks. I wrote it mainly because I needed it but couldn't find something likewise and extra-handsome at the same time.

Un widget Dashboard pour consulter le menu dans tous les restaurants universitaires du Nord (Lille et environs).

When Chrome finishes downloading a file, the file bounces gaily in the Downloads stack but its icon does not update, so there's a blank icon that's bouncing, instead of the brand new PDF I downloaded, for instance. This is a little application that fixes this issue. It is made to run quietly in the background : you'll never have to deal with it.